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The Intrinio Platform

Traditionally, compiling and cleansing financial data has been complicated and costly. We've done the heavy lifting 💪 so you can simply get the information you need.

1. Data Sourcing

Get all of your financial data in one simple package. Really.

2. Data Integrity

Machine learning and AI systems doing the hard work for you.

3. Data Delivery

300+ normalized & cleansed data feeds. Download & API.

Built for Developers

Clean financial data is a problem rooted in finance, but it shouldn't hinder your code.

We obsessively seek out ways to make our data scalable and flexible for developers. We eliminate the need for multiple data vendors, so that high complexity and maintenance won't slow you down.

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Trusted By Business

We’ve spent years building a machine learning and AI data quality engine to make things easier on you. Our engine produces cleansed and normalized data so you can get down to business. Right away.

Get terabytes of financial data from the industry’s most reliable and trusted data partners.

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Dedicated Financial Data Supply Chain

On average developers spend between 80-99% of their time getting data ready to work with. We solved this problem.

Data Intelligence

Intrinio Engine

Machine learning, trained with tens of millions of data points

The Intrinio Engine powers all Intrinio data. It is a machine learning framework built to identify errors and normalize financial data from multiple sources; historical and real-time.

It is at the heart our data journey and what makes us unique.

With sources ranging from Nasdaq, Quodd, Zacks, Exchange Data International, Trade Alert and more. We offer some of the largest normalized financial datasets in the world.

Machine Learning

Powered by adaptive machine learning, our engine is the result of over 5 years of data science and infrastructure work by our development teams.

Data Cleansing Algorithms

Intrinio’s algorithms evaluate millions of data points for error risk every day and take action appropriately. High risk data is flaged by default and sent to our Q/A teams.

Live financial data in minutes

Our data API is 100% free to try and easy to use. Start developing in three simple steps.

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Developers spend on average between 80-90% of their time getting data ready to work with. We’ve done the heavy lifting so you don’t have to.